Professional drivers and operators will be affected by Highway Code changes


The Highway Code changes are due to be released on 29th January 2022 some of which are legal requirements. A summary of some of the changes are below:

  • Road users that can cause the most harm in the event of a road accident will be considered as having the primary responsibility
  • Cyclists riding straight ahead and pedestrians crossing junctions have the right of way
  • 1.5 metres clearance is to be given when overtaking to cyclists travelling up to 30mph and more if they are travelling faster
  • 2 metre clearance is to be given when overtaking horses being rode or pulling a horse drawn carriage
  • 2 metre distance when a pedestrian is walking in the road
  • Drivers of stationery vehicles to use opposite hand to door to open door to encourage looking over the shoulder be-fore leaving vehicle
  • Cyclists can ride in the centre of the road or two abreast for their own safety, although they are to allow room for over-taking when it is safe to do so.

Further updates are planned later in 2022.