The training content was well organised and effective, the presenter was enthusiastic and the materials provided were very helpful. It was all relevant to my needs.

We have used Thecla’s services for few years now and always very knowledgeable and responsive.

Thecla Connikie, our auditor, was friendly, professional, exceptionally knowledgeable and explained comprehensively those areas to improve or streamline our processes to improve the business.

We would happily have Thecla attend as our auditor again.

The auditor was available for questions prior to the audit, was very supportive and the process ran smoothly.

During the audit, you adopted a very thorough approach and had a good level of understanding of our business activities and the services we provide our customers…

You provided very useful feedback, from which we have produced a set of action points, following our audit. We will continue to improve our business now and as we continue to grow.

We were very happy with your level of expertise and knowledge as an auditor. We also really appreciated your additional information on where we could improve. It shows commitment and reflection even after the audit itself.

We felt the auditor was there to work with us as part of the improvement process. Provided great pre-visit guidance.

Contract Fire Security

My career has spanned over 30 years within the construction industry. Thecla would be in my all-time Top 5 of most dynamic professionals I have had the pleasure of working with.

The audit was conducted in a professional way.

It was a refreshing change to have an auditor we hadn’t met before and your observations were much appreciated.

Audit was conducted well.

Thecla is always very knowledgeable, practical and gives great advice. It’s also great to work with someone who wants to make sites safer rather than simply report what is wrong.