Online Training Packages

Proper training is crucial for implementing robust health and safety practices. But finding the time for comprehensive instruction can be challenging.

CHSP’s online training packages provide your team with accredited courses in specialised health and safety topics. With convenient online learning, you can build an expert Organisational Power Team to drive continual improvement.

Training Packages

Mental Health

This online mental health training package equips your team to recognise signs of mental ill health and provide support. Courses include:

  • Mental Health First Aid - Learn how to identify symptoms of common mental health issues and provide initial support using a practical 5-step action plan.
  • Mental Health Awareness - Understand mental health and ill health, signs to look for, and how to remove stigma in the workplace.
  • Supervising Mental Health at Work - An IOSH-accredited course on legal duties, absence management, reasonable adjustments and more for supporting staff wellbeing.
  • Developing a Mental Health Policy - Guidance on creating a mental health policy to support staff, manage absences and reasonable adjustments.
  • Stress Management - Help staff identify causes of stress and techniques to improve resilience and coping mechanisms.

  • With this complete online mental health training, your Power Team will have the knowledge to create a mentally healthy workplace.

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Fire Safety

This online fire safety training ensures your team understands risks and effective prevention. Courses include:

  • Fire Extinguisher - Covers different extinguisher types and safe, correct use of equipment in fire situations.
  • Fire Marshal - A certified course on duties of fire marshals including prevention, evacuation planning, drills, alarm systems and more.
  • Basic Fire Safety Awareness - Vital knowledge covering fire triangle theory, causes of workplace fires, prevention measures and evacuation procedures.

  • After this online fire safety training package, your Power Team will be fully equipped to handle fire risks and keep your workplace safe.

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      Food Safety

      This online food safety training helps your team oversee robust practices that meet legal requirements. Courses include:

      • Level 1 Food Safety - Introduction to contamination hazards, temperature control, pest prevention, cleaning, waste disposal and more.
      • Allergen Awareness - Recognising allergens, avoiding cross-contamination and safely catering for food allergies.
      • HACCP Principles - Understanding and implementing hazard analysis critical control point food safety management.
      • Achieving Top Hygiene Ratings - Insights into the national food hygiene rating scheme and criteria for achieving the highest ratings.
      • Supervising Food Safety - An advanced certified course in overseeing food safety operations including auditing, risk analysis and more.

      With CHSP's complete online food safety package, your Power Team will be trained to ensure full legal compliance.

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